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Renovus Skin Tightening

ThermiRF® is arguably the most exciting new tool to emerge in the aesthetic medicine field in the last few years. Although the technology itself is not new, this device allows physicians to use radiofrequency energy in a variety of innovative new ways. Currently, the device is FDA approved in the USA for nerve ablation to treat frown lines, but off label uses are where we are seeing the most exciting applications. In addition to the official indication, the ThermiRF® device is currently being used for treatment of cellulite, to smooth out lumps after liposuction, reduce excessive underarm sweating, tighten loose vaginal skin, reduce double chins, and most commonly, for reducing wrinkles and tightening loose skin in the lower face and neck. The biggest distinction between this device and previously available treatments is that instead of delivering the energy through the skin, the radio frequency energy is delivered directly under the skin.

Introducing Renovus Skin Tightening

Breakthrough Technology in the Repair of Sun damaged Aging Skin

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